Concealing Your Identity in a Job Search
by Debra Wheatman and Tim Muma - Jul, 2016
Experts often talk about a candidate being a brand and marketing oneself to the employers. On the other hand, too much information could result in discriminatory acts - intentional or subconsciously - that could cost you a new position. Debra Wheatman, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach, discusses the strategy of concealing parts of your identity when applying for jobs. She explains to Tim Muma how certain...
    Leveraging Any Job Into a Dream Job
by Paul Angone and Tim Muma - Jun, 2016
Often times, individuals end up in a position they aren't happy with or they simply envision something else for their career. Paul Angone, the creator of, gives the listeners some strategies on how to utilize their current job to find a way into the one they really want. Paul also tells Tim Muma what people need to focus on when looking to move on. Job Search Guide covers all facets of the process from strate...
    Myth vs. Reality: Mature Workers
by Kerry Hannon and Tim Muma - Jun, 2016
There are a lot of thoughts and beliefs when it comes to mature workers. While some information regarding this group may be true, there are also plenty of myths regarding the hiring and employment of the older demographic. Author Kerry Hannon, AARP's Jobs Expert, joins Tim Muma to figure out which phrases commonly associated with mature workers are true or false. Kerry offers us facts, practical insight, and a better understan...
    Job Hunting Survival Tips for Collegians
by Christy Palfy and Tim Muma - Jun, 2016
Trying to land a job out of college has changed in the last decade. In some ways it's easier to find the best career path, but other factors have increased the challenge. Christy Palfy, recruiting manager for Progressive Insurance, gives listeners inside knowledge of the best ways to find a great job to start their career. Christy shares her personal knowledge and experience, having hired college graduates and countless talent...
  10 Public Speaking Tips for Company Leaders
by Steve Farber - Jul, 2016
After my two and a half decades of experience as a leadership keynote speaker (or what many generically call a motivational speaker), I’ve learned a few things about the craft that will help you in your public speaking endeavors, too. Whether you’re addressing your team, company, audience, or meeting, this infographic of 10 Tips will help you set the stage. So to speak.
  3 Dream Job Myths You Need to Stop Believing if You Want to Be Happy
by Melody Wilding - Jul, 2016
You’ve been told you can achieve anything you set your mind to, right? That’s the message that’s been ingrained in us since childhood when we imagined becoming astronauts, athletes, and movie stars. Most of us come to realize that we can’t all be LeBron James or Taylor Swift—and that we don’t want to be, anyway! As we get older, we typically outgrow these fantasies of youth and begin mapping out a career that’s aligned with ou...
  You and Next-Level Leadership
by Sara Canaday - Jul, 2016
How does your manager describe you? Words like action oriented, dependable, driven, and collaborative are all admirable. But to demonstrate you’re ready for next-level leadership, you need words like strategic, innovative, influential and resilient. It might seem like a subtle shift, but the potential impact on your career can be enormous. When I work with my coaching clients, there’s a question that always comes up. Is the...
  The Problem with Availability Analyses
by Bill Osterndorf - Jul, 2016
Several years ago, I wrote an article for The OFCCP Digest that focused on the inherent flaws in availability analyses. Since that time, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has released a myriad of new regulations and has undertaken countless new initiatives. Yet, many federal contractors and subcontractors remain focused on the placement goals that are pa...
  Find and Retain Military Talent
by Carl Savino - Jul, 2016
Following our nation’s lengthy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, considerable effort and resources have been expended to help the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces make a successful re-entry into the civilian workforce. This article discusses how employers can tap into and retain that talent. As the national unemployment rate continues to drop toward record lows, there is increased competition a...
  OFCCP Issues Final Rule on Sex Discrimination
by Cara Crotty - Jul, 2016
The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs recently issued its Final Rule on Discrimination on the Basis of Sex. The new regulations rescind the OFCCP’s prior Sex Discrimination Guidelines and give regulatory effect to the latest interpretations of the law by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – including the EEOC’s interpretations of discrimination based on pregnancy and gender identity – a...
  Pay Transparency – Tips for Training Managers
by Debra Milstein Gardner - Jul, 2016
On January 11, 2016 the Pay Transparency Final Rule amending E.O. 11246 went into effect prohibiting federal subcontractors and contractors from disciplining or discharging employees or applicants for discussing, disclosing or inquiring about their pay or that of other employees or applicants. An exemption exists for applicants and employees who make the disclosure based on information obtained in the cour...
  The Federal Government’s United Front Against Religious Discrimination
by Ahmed Younies - Jul, 2016
The federal government is serious about combatting religious discrimination - serious enough to launch an interagency initiative designed to confront religious discrimination from pretty much every possible angle. The initiative’s stated goal is “to promote religious freedom, challenge religious discrimination in employment and education, and enhance enforcement of religion-based hate crimes”. Who exactly i...
  7 Highly Effective Habits of Trust-Expanding Organizations
by Mark Gorkin - Jul, 2016
Q. Dear Workforce: How do we repair broken trust? As a facilitator of leadership training, I know trust underlies a foundation of success. But what practical fixes does this entail? --Trust Deficit, HR training analyst, Colorado Springs, Colorado A. In this time of organizational restructuring, rapid operational-technological change and economic uncertainty rebuilding trust is definitely a challenging and not uncomm...
  Graceful Transitions: When what you do best is no longer relevant.
by Sherri Edwards - Jul, 2016
Let’s face it – although as humans we are each unique, in the workplace, most of us are dispensable. Keeping up with what is current or relevant is difficult for people in all sectors, industries and roles. Technology changes every day, which leads to changes in demand and/or processes, and ultimately, impacts everyone in the workplace. Change is tough for most people and tougher for some than others. Finding ways to work t...
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