Company Overview
Headquartered in Lanham, MD, a.i. solutions is a small business provider of innovative mission critical products and services that enable uninterrupted and reliable access to space. Since 1996, the a.i. solutions team has supported the nation’s space and defense communities producing superior services, results, and cost-savings for our customers. Our capabilities span satellite navigation, flight dynamics, IT security, information assurance, space operations, satellite ground systems, missile systems and launch vehicle engineering.

With over 200 engineering, science and IT professionals working in Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, California, Alabama, Arizona, and Washington DC, a.i. solutions is a mature and trusted small business. We have continued to post vigorous yearly revenue growth and have established corporate offices in Maryland, Florida, Colorado and Alabama. Our customers span civilian, military and commercial markets, including NASA, Missile Defense Agency, US Air Force, and NOAA.

a.i. solutions is about fostering innovation. We’re a company that strives to maintain a comfortable environment for our engineers, developers, and analysts that drives innovation and produces results. We ask a lot of our employees but provide them with the motivation and incentives necessary to facilitate their success.

Since a.i. solutions began, we’ve demonstrated a commitment to our corporate culture. With every new hire, we believe we’re building on our vision of creating a collaborative environment in which our employees are always willing to support each other regardless of their discipline or division. We have a rich history of connecting our employees nationwide to drive innovation and reinforce our strong company culture.

At a.i. solutions, we believe that a healthy work-life balance equals success for our employees. We all have obligations outside of work and we strive to provide an environment where employees can comfortably balance their obligations both at work and at home. Every year, our wellness program grows in size and scope providing our staff with resources to proactively improve their well-being and quality of life, along with incentives to stay healthy.

We fully support our employees and insist on providing them with a wide range of tuition and training opportunities. We firmly believe in developing our talent and promoting from within. Once you’ve defined your career path, we’ll assist you with the formal and in-house training to get you there.
Company Summary
a.i. solutions
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