Company Overview

Our Mission
Providing Leading Edge Government and Commercial Services

The Buffalo Group was forged by experienced entrepreneurs and with most of our workforce comprised of former military professionals. The Buffalo Group was started because many customers in the defense and commercial sectors were not getting the focus and attention from large companies nor the experience or delivery from smaller companies. We provide you with the agility, responsiveness, and personal attention that small firms can offer, coupled with the mature business practices that large firms can provide.

Our creed of complete customer success is driven by the individual employees who comprise The Buffalo Group. A commitment to them and their individual achievement empowers our team to drive an approach which ensures successfully navigating the challenges and needs facing our customers.

Our Values
MATURE BUSINESS PRACTICES – You want the confidence that we have a roadmap for success, confidence that we’ve done this before and have done it successfully. Our executive team has worked together for over a dozen years and have extensive experience working for the largest defense contractors and Fortune 500 companies. We instill the best business practices while shedding the more stifling and cumbersome structures of these companies

AGILITY – You need to pivot quickly and we need to pivot quickly with you. Part of our customer obsession is becoming intimately familiar with your needs and trends. In doing so, we are able to adapt rapidly to your expected and unexpected challenges while containing costs and delivering outstanding results.

PERSONAL ATTENTION – You want to know exactly who you are dealing with and ensure they are vested in your success. Your success is important to us. All of our personnel are incented to wholly engage with you and deliver results. From our experts on the ground to the owners of our company, we are available whenever and wherever you need us.

RESPONSIVENESS – You need to have confidence that you will have immediate action from us when called upon. Our responsiveness is based upon our culture of accurately and insightfully giving you what you need and want more quickly than anyone else.

Company Summary
The Buffalo Group
Number of Employees
(571) 346-3300
(571) 346-3301
1851 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, VA