Energy Vampires, Meet Your Garlic: 3 Tips to Repel Energy Vampires
Today over at Career Hub, I read a very interesting article titled Beware Energy Vampires! Their article ended with the money shot of: "...beware of folks who drain you. Those high-maintenance people are more than a pain in the neck...they may just prove to be a pain for your career." This was based on an article in Medical News Today.

I think it's great advice to beware of these "energy vampires" but when I finished the article, I was left to wonder HOW to avoid these energy vampires that seem to creep their way into our careers and our lives in general. Finding no answers in the article, and being one who energy vampires run from, I thought I would share a few of my tips on how I repel these folks and turn them into starving, toothless vampires.

  1. Always greet the vampire with a positive, uplifting greeting
    I work with my share of energy vampires, and I always greet them with a "Good morning. Beautiful day outside today!" Don't end with a question, as energy vampires can quickly bite you and suck the energy right out of you if you ask them to confirm your question. Share your energy with them, and they'll quickly turn away.

  2. Smile radiantly for no apparent reason
    Whenever you are walking down a hallway where you normally run into your energy vampire, smile radiantly, for what appears to be no reason, and it'll turn the vampire away like a sunrise did in the old Dracula movies. You can think of whatever you like, but I like to think of my vampires shriveling up and flying quickly away like a bat. Use what works for you!

  3. Be nice to people in common situations
    Often I run into energy vampires in the coffee room, so I offer to pour the coffee for whoever is in there. Anyone who was thinking of being a vampire turns into a helpless thank you machine. Other times I offer to let them go ahead of me in line while I'm waiting down at my favorite coffee place. I hold the door for them so they can make it to the elevator and then push their floor, even if their hands are empty. You'd be surprised at how disarming this is to energy vampires, who often are expecting the worst from people.