Don’t Forget the “Search”
The job search is a daunting task that job seekers often worsen by using substandard resumes and thinking the search is over when an online application is complete. However, there are several tactics and tools that will enhance your chances. All it takes is a little initiative and not forgetting to actually search.

The fact you’re reading this site proves that you’re on the right track. This network provides countless ideas that your competitors spend months trying to conjure up. The articles are especially useful because professionals have already created strategies for you. Why take the time juggling ideas when they’re outlined right here? Other job seekers are dropping the ball, but you’re on the way to making the perfect pitch.

When job seekers have second thoughts about a resume, it’s time to get thoughts from someone else. If this seems unimportant, ask yourself, “Am I the person my resume needs to impress?” Another set of eyes can catch the mistakes you don’t want human resources to see first. Staffing agencies, career centers, and recruiters are ideal because they’re in the loop and will often try to help for free.

If you really want to get somewhere, find a resume writer who knows how to make you marketable. But be careful, maximizing marketability requires an expert in communication, not font size or format.

Online applications are convenient for employers, but almost always obstruct applicants. They do, however, provide an opportunity to distinguish yourself. Most job seekers end the process at the “Thanks for applying” window. This equates to playing ding dong ditch.

Think of the online application as a condominium’s security entrance. There’s typically a directory of residents on the wall and a procedure you need to follow, but if you don’t hear “Please come in” doesn’t mean you cannot connect. Will the security system (aka “online application”) give you the name of an alternative contact? No, but the directory (aka “employer web site”) does. Try the manager or someone else on site. That person probably knows where to deliver application materials, the best way for doing so, could make the delivery for you, or better yet, introduce you to the hiring authority directly.

Trick or treaters know that doorbells don’t dispense candy just like online systems don’t decide who gets a job, but everyone needs to remember that pounding the door antagonizes the people inside. Regardless of how impressive your resume looks or how closely you match a description, the delicate balance between passionate pursuit and nerve wracking persistence is paramount during the job search.

These steps take some time, but taking them shows you have the creativity and initiative that employers seek. So, take some risks and make your mark by searching in ways other candidates neglect.